Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medically designed weight loss method that is supervised only by healthcare professionals.  It is a muscle-sparing, fat-targeting weight loss protocol.  Ideal Protein has a beginning and an end where we not only take the weight off and make you healthy, we give you the tools to keep it off.

As a result of following a ketogenic-based diet, the patient will use up their glycogen storage and the body will revert to use its other sources of stored calories for energy: fat and muscle. To minimize the body's use of muscle via gluconeogenesis, we provide it with sufficient protein in a form (isolates) which is highly bioavailable (95%) so it is easily usable by the body.

Once a client is on the protocol,  insulin levels will drop substantially and the other master hormone, glucagon, will start being produced. With time, the reduction in insulin will allow the insulin receptors to become re-sensitized, reducing the amount of insulin needed.

As important as losing weight is, keeping it off is harder and more important. Ideal Protein also offers you the education on how to make the lifestyle changes to keep the weight off. During the entire time you are on the protocol, you will receive each day a 3-minute video with a broad range of relevant topics. You will also have access to over 60 cooking videos by a Le Cordon Bleu chef and videos done by a well know personal trainer to assist with "core strengthening". You will even continue to receive videos once you are in maintenance so you will always be connected to and supported by your Ideal Protein clinic.