Scott Penner - Pharmacist

"As a pharmacist, it puts into practice everything I learned in university – biochemistry, endocrinology, physiology and pharmacology. Ideal Protein is specifically designed to target fat loss, while protecting your lean mass, which is critical in keeping the weight off."

Scott graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba I  1992 as valedictorian and highest marks. After working in the corporate environment for 7 years, he and his wife opened their first pharmacy in Fonthill in 1999 with a focus on health and well-being. By dedicating his efforts t the patient's overall health, using not only prescriptions, but also diet and supplements, he helped patients  achieve better health outcomes.

Scott brought this successful approach to Waterdown Village Pharmasave where he interacts personally with all of his clients to make them feel at home. They have come to rely on his caring and dedication when giving advice and guidance. Scott introduced Ideal Protein into his practice in October 2014 after extensive research. He says, "This program is great because I get to put into practice everything I learned I  university with regard to biochemistry, endocrinology and human physiology. I was really impressed with the research behind Ideal Protein and even more impressed with the fact that the Chief Science Officer of the company was a fellow pharmacist like me. I read everything he wrote about how and why the program works, and it was bang on. This clinched it for me."

Scott is gratified to see the results his clients are getting, and this is in no small part due to the passion he brings to his role as an Ideal Protein Coach. His extensive background in pharmacy coupled with the principles of the program is a perfect combination for ongoing success of the Ideal Protein program.