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Ideal Protein Success Stories

Success Stories
Hello my name is Michelle .....Thanks to the encouragement and guidance from our best friends and Neighbors Greg and Melinda ...
Success Stories
It was time something new!!! As anyone who is morbidly obese can tell you, I like most have tried every possible diet you can...
Success Stories
Cindy and Eric Slinn. Couple who joined May 2016. Eric, is a bus driver for the HSR, and Cindy works in the admin depa...
Success Stories
Don Murfin. 72 year old male on insulin. Started early Nov 2015 at 247 lbs and was insulin free after 6 days! By the end of F...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best results are achieved by coming in weekly: for accountability, encouragement and support, education and trouble-shooting any issues or concerns that arise. Results are fast on this protocol and it’s really nice to see the pounds drop every week.

  • The taste and texture of the products are fantastic! Not just the typical bars and shakes, but really tasty offerings for the morning such as oatmeal, pancakes, and omelettes to  soups, rotinti and chili for lunch, finishing off the day with over 30 delicious desserts. 

  • This program specifically addresses the underlying reasons of weight gain and the inability to lose weight: lowering insulin and targeting fat, while protecting muscle. In addition, it not only has great products, but offers a superb support in which clients receive daily email videos, text support, access to the online librarym great coaching and tasty products.

  • YES! The majority of our clients keep the weight off for many reasons: preservation of muscle mass, regaining insulin sensitivity, good habits replacing old habits, and ongoing clinic support AFTER weight loss is achieved

  • Carbohydrates (“carbs”) easily get converted into glucose, which causes the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin inhibits ketosis, or fat burning, preventing weight loss.

  • Ideal Protein is great value for the money. It costs approximately $90 per week for the Ideal Protein food, which then actually becomes part of your overall food bill. Thus, your true NET out of pocket cost is roughly $50 a week, depending on your eating habits. There is a small one time charge to enrol, but no ongoing fees or minimum length of time required

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