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Don Murfin


Don Murfin. 72 year old male on insulin. Started early Nov 2015 at 247 lbs and was insulin free after 6 days! By the end of Feb 2016, he had lost nearly 50 lbs and was still insulin free. He inspired his brother to do it and he joined Ideal Protein and has lost 100 lbs too. 50 lbs and 24 inches lost.

His whole testimonial:

Hi. My name is Don Murfin. The first part of November 2015, my wife and I decided to try the Ideal Protein diet offered by Scott Penner in Waterdown. I am a diabetic and taking 110 units of Lantus every day as well as 10 units of Humalog just before dinner. Scott suggested I get a letter from my doctor before starting. My doctor thought it would be great and signed the form, and he wanted me to come back to see him every 3 months. Nov 17th we started the Ideal Protein diet. November 19th at 0:3:00 I woke up to low blood sugar so I had an orange and went back to bed. The next night the same thing happened so I took an orange and 3 Dex4 glucose tablets. The next day I quit the Humalog and dropped 30 units of Lantus, but again I was low that night. November 22nd I stopped the insulin completely!

The diet was very easy to follow and I was losing weight every week. Scott was always there to help and give encouragement. Exercising was not a problem as I walked half an hour every day. I checked my blood sugar every day and maintained between 4 and 7 which is textbook perfect. The other great thing is Dr. Wilkinson from Ideal Protein would be in my daily email video with all sort of info on the diet, which was most helpful.

Near the end of February 2016, I had lost 50 pounds and was down to where I wanted to be. At this point I phased off the weight loss part of the program to the maintenance aspect. The diet was done, and as of this writing it is July 2016 and we just got back from an Alaskan cruise with all the food you can eat. I did gain a few pounds but will go back on the program for a tune up and should be back to the weight I want to be at.

I have recommended this program to the diabetic clinic at McMaster hospital and they think I've done great but that's all they've done. Over the years I have been to doctors and the diabetic clinic at McMaster, and if this works then why don't they promote it and get people off insulin and bring the blood sugar down to where it should be?

When I started the program, I was 247 pounds and using insulin every day. Now I am 197 pounds and have not taken a needle in 8 months. I feel good and went from a 42" waist to a 36" waist. I really recommend this diet and it works

Don Murfin 

Cindy and Eric Slinn
Greg Hewitt


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